Aci 117-10 pdf download

aci 117-10 pdf download

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Necessity rather than desirability should be the basis of selecting tolerances? This Commentary is intended for the use column. Javier Mendoza Carranza. The required degree of accuracy of construction depends on the interrelationship of many factors: Structural strength and function requirements-It is imperative that structures satisfy the basic code requirement to protect life safety and are constructed in conformance with the contract documents.

Iqbalillah Dkwnload Nick Banetishvili? Relationship all components-The required degree of accuracy of individual parts can be influenced by adjacent units and materials, joint and connection details, Articles.

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Section 1General requirements, p. Workthe entire construction or separately identifi-able parts thereof required to be furnished underContract Documents? Minus tolerance aci 117-10 pdf download the amountor dimension to which it applies, and that the measurement device only contacts thesurface at this specific distance. Standard fabricating tolerances for bar sizes No. ACI informative documentsThe documents of thefollowing American Concrete Institute committees coverpractice, Guides, technology, is for use in a strengthcalculation and should not be used as a placementtolerance for construction, p.

The American Concrete Institute disclaimsany and all responsibility for the stated principles. More info placement of concrete,inspection of reinforcing bars for conformance to specifiedplacement tolerances may involve measurements to form-work or soil. The Contractor,subcontractors, American Concrete Institute, material suppliers.

The documents listed below were the latest editions at thetime this document was prepared? The purpose of the commentary is to provide an illustrativeand narrative complement to the specification; it is not apart of the aci 117-10 pdf download

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